Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в нужном времени:

1) I.....up the dishes, when my friends came.( to wash, to have)

2) She......a good mark today.(to get, not, to have)

3)He...the book , when we watched TV yesterday.(to read, to be)

4) ....you....this book Sunday?(to read, shall have, will have)

5)She........now.(to sleep,to be)

6)He......his work from 5 to 6tommorrow.(to do, shall be, will be)

7)She....a large family.(to have)

8)Last year my father.....a new car.(to buy)

9)I........to the technical school tomorrow.(to go, shall, will)


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1) I had washed up the dishes, when my friends came.
2) She hasn't got a good mark today.
3) He was reading the book, when we watched TV yesterday.
4) Will you have read this book by Sunday?
5) She is sleeping now.
6) Hewill be doing his work from 5 to 6 tommorrow.
7) She has a large family.
8) Last year my father.bought a new car.
9) I will go to the technical school tomorrow.