Помогите написать 6-8 предложений на английском про мультфильм как у шрека появляется семья !!!( о семье шрека)


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Shrek, together with the Donkey, by order of lord Furkuad, goes to travel to the lock in which there is the great princess Fiona protected by a terrible dragon. Shrek rescues Fiona, but she is taken away by lord Furkuad who decided to marry the princess. During a wedding Shrek together with the Donkey rush into the lock of the lord and Shrek learns that Fiona becomes ogry, same, as he at night. The Dragon flies and eats the lord, and Fiona kisses Shrek. Subsequently they will have three baby:Farkl, Feargus and Felicia.Всё что смог.