Open the brackets,put the verbs into the PRESENT SIMPLE.
1.Their friends usually (not to go) to school on Saturdays.
2.My father (not to have) dinner at three o'clock.
3.I (not to come) home at ten o'clock.
4.We usually (not to do) our homework on Sandays.
5.Her friend (not to go) to the cinema every week.
6.My mother usually ( not to go) shopping in the morning.
7.I (not to like) to play badminton.
8. He (not to take)a shower in the afternoon.
9.She (not to go) to bed in the morning.


Ответы и объяснения

1-do not go
2-does not have
3-do not come
4-do not do
5-does not go 
6-does not go
7-do not like
8-does not take
9-does not go
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1. Their friends usually do not go to school on Saturdays.
2. My father does not have dinner at three o'clock.
3. I do not come home at ten o'clock.
4. We usually do not do our homework on Sandays.
5. Her friend does not go to the cinema every week.
6. My mother usually does not go shopping in the morning.
7. I do not like to play badminton.
8. He does not take a shower in the afternoon.
9. She does not go to bed in the morning.