Вставьте правильный ответ. 1] My sister... her homework in the afternoon.a]makes.b]has.c] does. 2] After breakfast Mag...the washing up.a]washes b] cleans c] does 3] Do you ...your bed in the morning.a]clean b] do c] make. 4]Will...photos of our friends. a] make b] take c] do 5]The boys usually ...lunch at 2 pm . a]have b]do c] go вставьте пожайлуста и на пишите


Ответы и объяснения

1. does!
2. does
3. make
4. takes
5. have

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make bed-откройте словарь! И там не вопрос. А имя Вилл. Читайте внимательнее)
1] My sister.DOES. her homework in the afternoon.
2] After breakfast Mag DOES ...the washing up.
3] Do you .DO.your bed in the morning.
4]Will you TAKE...photos of our friends?
5]The boys usually  HAVE...lunch at 2 pm .