Now write more sentences. This time write about your own feelings and

Example: / have difficulty
in doing sums.

1.I'm very interested in------ (skiing, collecting
stamps, taking photos). 2. I'm thinking of------ (going to France, learning Italian,
visiting you next week). 3. Thank you for------ (bringing me a book, inviting
me to the party, borrowing me your bicycle). 4. I'm looking forward to ------(having summer holidays, meeting my
friend). 5. I'm keen
on------ (taking care of animals, reading books, watching video). 6. I hate------
(going to the dentist, being ill, waiting for a bus).


Ответы и объяснения

1)i'm very interested in skiing,collecting stamps,taking photos.
2)i'm thinking of going to France,visiting you next week.
3)Thank you for inviting me to the party.
4)i'm looking forward to having summer holidays.
5)i'm keep on taking care of animals,reading books,watching video.
1 listening to music, relaxing
2... doing homework, visiting a library
3 ...waiting me, helping with work
4 ... finishing school, employing english
5 ... drawing posters, writing poems
6 ... studying, waiting for a school, doing routine