Помогите срочно, нужно переделать предложения в пассивный залог


Ответы и объяснения

Глагол нужно просто представлять в третьей форме. This child is taken care of by them. That old house is lived by nobody. Will this film be showed by them on TV? A new concert hall is being built by them in our street. When I came home, the text had already been translated by him. You are wanted by someone on the phone. The newspaper was looked for by them everywhere. I don't think the composition will have been written by her by Monday. Has the articles been translated by Mark? No, they are being translated by him now. He was being waited for by us the whole evening. Is he often spoken about by them? The doctor wasn't send for by him. The translation will be done by them in the evening. By the middle of autumn all the trees had been planted by us. The teacher is being listened to by the pupils now. This story hasn't been forgotten by them. Everything isn't told me by them. New books were being sold by them in the shop when I entered it (it was entered by me) yesterday. The teacher was looked at by everybody with great interest. He won't be operated on by the doctor tomorrow.