Сделать Passive voice

1) Wait a minute, please, a chambermaid is cleaning your room.
2) Where is a Bell-boy? We are looking for him.
3)The laundress is washing shirts now.
4)A hotel clerk is reparing a TV set at this moment.
5)They are vacating the room now.
6)I am waiting for the hotel manager


Ответы и объяснения


1) The room is  being cleaned by a chambermaid
2) Where is a Bell-boy?  A Bell-boy is being looked  for  by us.
3)Shirts  are being washed by  the laundress now.
4)  A TV set is  being repaired by a hotel clerk at this moment.
5) The room  is being vacated  by then  now.
6)  The hotel manager is being waited for by me