Open the brackets using the proper tense:
1. It (to rain) hard last night when (to leave) the office.
2. What you (to do) here? - I (to wait) for my friend.
3. How far from school she (to live)?
4. Next summer I (to have) my vacation. I hope I (to go) to Paris.
5. I (to meet) Ann twenty years ago. She (to be) very rich then.
6. When he was in Gorki he (to visit) the places where he (to play) as a boy.
7. This time next summer John (to spend) time in New York. - What he (to do) there? – He (to work) in the supermarket.


Ответы и объяснения

1.was rained,left.2.are you doing ,am waiting,3.does she live 4.will have,will go,5.met,was.6.visited,played.