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Куди подорожують зірки естради???БУДЬ ЛАСКА НАПИШІТЬ ЗАВТРА ТРЕБА ЗДАВАТИ......

как диалог
обьем какой должен быть?
8 речення
завтра урок английского и нужно сдать этот диалог на память
пожалуйста напишите кто нибудь

Ответы и объяснения

-Hello Nasty, how are u? What are u doing? 
- Hi. Im fine. And what about u? Im reading a new magazine about stars. Did u know that Angelina Jolly travels twice a Month in general. Its amazing, isn't it? Id like to live like she - O my God, Its normal for stars, they make a lot of money, and can suffer do everything - Yep, you right , but it is unfair- of course I'm right.  Look. At least they travel not only for relax. They work a lot. Almost their time spend(s) for their job. - do u thing that they travel in hot regions for a job? are u kidding me? - oops. but everybody can let the soul out. Its can be example for us to live like stars. For perfect life we have to be big fishes, and eat a lot in this crazy world. Try to do your best and never envy anybody - Thanks for our conversation. 
This words is very helpful for me. - Not at all. Bye . I have to run  -Bye 
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