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My name is . I have already left school and now my big dream is to graduate university and in the future to work in legal sphere. I love animals. I have a cat - and a parrot - .I used to be fond of tourism and went hiking. I spend my leisure time at the computer. In the summer I like to go out of town to have rest. I am a reliable person and I keep my promises ("я ответственный человек и всегда выполняю свои обещания"). I try not to be late for my classes and different events. When I was a pupil I had a very interesting school life. I took part in different school activities. I want to learn to drive a car to get the driver's license. I live a healthy lifestyle. I do not smoke. I am always ready to support my friend in a difficult minute. I like to laugh at good, funny jokes. I think I am very devoted and gentle. And I love our city.