написать сочинение на тему "Режим моего дня"(на английском)(помогите, оч надо) =)


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I get up early alarm call , quickly and accurately fill the bed and go to wash. At this time my mother cooks me breakfast in a hurry , she needs to come to work on time . I have breakfast and run away to get dressed. I dressed slowly , otherwise I do not get . Zapletal . run the bus. I almost always come to school at the right time . After a long school day, I walk with my friends for about an hour , then takes me dad . He , like my mother always in a hurry and do not have time to time. Home I hastily dinner and do my homework . In the evening I usually read a book or watch TV. Slowly wash and go to bed around midnight . нУ КАК ТО ТАК!