Топ 5 традиций в Британии. О каждой традиции буквально 4-5 предожений. На английском.
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1.MorrisIt is a form of English folk dance usually sung with musical accompaniment. At the heart of the dance are the rhythmic movement of the step and perform dance pieces. As attributes dancers can use sticks , swords, and handkerchiefs . Men in medieval costumes with bells and rattles portray legendary heroes .
2 . Catching wormsPeople gather and catch worms. Many so collect bait for fishing. But there are those who believe this kind of sport. The appearance of such competition is associated with a local named Tom Shaflbotama that July 5, 1980 511 g caught worms in half an hour . This competition rules 18 . Here are some of them. Each participant has a land area of ​​3 * 3 m To catch worms can use music. Drugs are prohibited, as well as water , which is considered a stimulant .
3 . straw bearIt is an old English tradition , which is held on January 7. People believe that on this day begins a new agricultural year in England . A man and a boy puts on a straw suit, completely covering the body . Man goes from house to house and dancing . As a reward for his dancing people give him money , food or beer.
4 . Swimming in a swampTypically, participants dive into the swamp in glasses with flippers and snorkel for scuba diving. Then they compete in a ditch at speed 36.6 m in length This competition is held every year , wishing to participate come from all over the world. The proceeds go to charity
.5 . Ladies Day at AscotAscot Racecourse is a famous English . It takes place on 25 days during leap years . It is interesting that in these races the parade of hats - the most amazing shapes and sizes.