Соченение про обьязяну на английском языке с переводом на русский


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That Yasha !
Novernoe Yashku sent to zoopark.Mne was very sad and I recovered to the comrades who zobral Yashku I see a monkey then he net.Sprashivayu where Yasha and he told me in response boyaznenym voice : No Yashki . As I havent responded , and he quickly ubezhal.Dumal that I died Yasha my favorite monkey .
     On sleduyschie morning saw comrade come to nimu Sorry and he said that he gave the monkey to the zoo and was told that I already own razberutsya.poshel to the zoo on a tree monkey sitting in a cell . Looks like I thought she learned menya.I monkey beginning to pose faces .
     I immediately recognized this is my Yasha .