Прошу помогите 7 и 8 я знаю много но мне очень надо даю много баллов только помогите!!!!


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2. She didn't have a clean T-shirt to wear, because her Mum had put up all her T-shirts in the wash.
3. She arrived at the bus stop when school bus had left.
4. She didn't do well, because she had not studied for it.
5. By the time the soap opera finished, Lucy had put the phone down.
6. She woke up when the kitchen had filled with smoke.
7. She called the fire bridge when she had remembered the toast.
2.First lesson had already started when I arrived in school today.
3. By the time I finished my homework, my Mum had gotten the home.
4. My Mum already had washed when I got up last Sunday.
5. I had watched TV before I went to bed last night.
6. I had walked with my friends before I went on holiday last Summer.

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