Read the story. Ask did Wolf eat the Sheep? The Wolf and the Sheep.A Wolf saw a Sheep by a small river and wanted to eat him. He shouted, I can`t drink this ditry water! It is very dirty! You have made (сделал)the water dirty. You put your dirty feet into the water! No, I didn,t make it dirty,"the Sheep answered. "I didn`t put my mouth and not in the water." I drink wiht my mouth and not wiht my feet. Look! My feet are not in the water."OK. Then it was last year. You put your feet into the water last year! "the Wolf shouted. "And you made the water dirty.""But I am only four months old", the Sheep said."How could I put my feet into the river a year ago?""If it was not you,then it was your brother or your father", the Wolf shouted and jumped on the poor (бедный) Sheep. But the Sheep ran away. And the Wolf feel into the water.


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