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A great writer
Mark TWAIN (1835-1910)

The great writer was born November 30, 1835, in the South of the United States of America, in the small town of Florida, Missouri, on the banks of the Mississippi river. Mark TWAIN is the pseudonym of the writer, real name is Samuel Ленхорн Clemens.
The Samuel was a large family, he was the sixth child in the family. When he was four years old, his family moved to the small town of Hannibal. Here in the future writer spent his childhood. He was restless boy, in spite of his poor health, to 9-year boy is already smoked. Most of all he liked to go to school. The writer's mother, Jane Лемптон Clemens, was a very kind and intelligent person, she was the idol of the writer. Samuel inherited from her amazing sense of humor and extraordinary emotional sensuality. Father Mark TWAIN, John Marshall Clemens was a strict, for several years held the shop.
When Samuel was 12 years old, his father died of pneumonia and in order to survive, the boy had to leave the school and to earn money. He got a job in publishing, where earned their first money. This job he loved and his brother started publishing a newspaper, first in his native town, then moved to Iowa. Money is not enough, and in 1857, the future writer returned home and became a disciple of the pilot - it was his childhood dream. In 1859 Samuel Ленхорн receives the rights of the pilot has a high salary and enjoys her work. Not one year Sam served on ships and it was here that he found his literary pseudonym.
At age 18, he already knew'clock Dickens, M. Thackeray, In Scott, Disraeli, E.. But most of all he appreciated Century Shakespeare and M. de Cervantes.
In 1861 he had to become a soldier of the Confederacy, because in this time, the war between North and South. But two weeks later Samuel gone rogue and goes West, to his brother in Nevada. There, he worked on a silver mine and writes humorous stories for the newspaper «Территориал энтэрпрайз in Virginia city. In 1862, in the same publishing house he gets a job and looking for a nickname. Thus, the writer was born, that his creativity has managed to gain a global significance.