1) Match the expression and its meaning.
1. to go to school.
2. to take exams\tests.
3. to pass exams\tests.
4. to fail exams.
5. to be at school
6. to be in school.
7. to be in the school

A. to attend a school,not a college or a university or have a job.
B. to be in the school building for any other reason except studying.
C. to be in the school building to study.
D. to have a good mark in examinations or tests.
F. to do examinations.
G. to get a very bad mark in examination.


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Лучший Ответ!

1 - A

2 - F

3 - D

4 - G

5 - C

6 - B

7 - вот не уверена, ответ B либо 6 либо 7, скорее всего 6. (и либо 6 либо 7 лишний вариант, получается)