Описать свой загородный дом вставляя There i................There are.....................для 3 класса


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I have a house. It has three floors and wonderful garden. We have got 5 rooms and I have got my own room. There are a lot of good thigs. There are a lot of furniture.In the corner of the room there is my table there I do homework. There is a wadrobe near the wall and there are a lot of pictures on the wall. We also have living room and there is big tv set and comfortable sofa. In the kitchen we have got a lot of modern devices. There is big frige , beautiful dishes and there is nice stove. Also there is beautiful view from the window. I love my house. 
There i know my extra house. There are a big and friendly dog.
Надеюсь ваш ребенок получит хорошую оценку:)