Complete the dialogues.Use the words:some or any.Act out the dialogues.//Mum:Mag,what would you like for breakfast?/Mag:...cornflakes with milk./Mum:I am sorry,there isn't...milk today.I hope you'll go and buy... ./Mag:Of course,Mum.But now I'd like a toast,...jam and a cup of tea./Mrs Wilson:Jason,is there...jam in the jar?/Jason:I am afraid not,Granny.But there is...porridge on the plate./Father:Is,there isn' is...tea./Father:Then give me...tea,please. Заранее спасибо.


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Mum:Mag,what would you like for breakfast?

Mag: SOME cornflakes with milk.

Mum:I am sorry,there isn't ANY milk today.I hope you'll go and buy SOME.

Mag:Of course,Mum.But now I'd like a toast, SOME jam and a cup of tea.


Mrs Wilson:Jason,is there ANY jam in the jar?

Jason:I am afraid not,Granny.But there is SOME porridge on the plate.


Father:Is there ANY coffee?

Mother:No,there isn't ANY coffee.There is SOME tea.

Father:Then give me SOME tea,please.