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Напишите пожалуйста небольшое сочинение на 10 предложений на одну из тем:

a) Teens are the biggest users of the internet.
b) Teens wouldn't know a newspaper if the paperboy hit them in the face.
c) Teens are abandoning TV for new media.
d) The only way to reach Teens over the phone is through text.
e) All gamer's are teens and all teens do is game.
f) With mp 3 players and PCs, teens no longer rely on radio.


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  • ca99
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Teens are the biggest users of the internet . They use the internet all day and all night. None of them doing the homework everyday. Internet is not only the place where you can play games and share your opinion , it's also a searcher of your problems with your knowledge. I think all of us need use internet on the right way.
спасибо но мне нужно чуть чуть побольше