Match sentence halves 1-7 with a-g.
1.My dad starts a.lunch at school
2.I get at 8.00
3.You have c.TV after school
4.He finishes d.up at 6.30 in the morning
5.She watches e.homework in the evening
6.They do f. to bed before 9.30
7.I go at five o`clock
Choose the correct answers.
1.My teacher _____ work at 7.30.
a) starts b) goes c) gets d) watches
2.They ______ TV after dinner.
a) have b) go c) watch d) start
3.Karen ____ work at about five o`clock.
a) finishes b) goes c) has d) gets
4.You don`t ____ to bed at eleven o`clock.
a) start b) go c) watch d) finish
5.I always _____ my homework with friends.
a) go b) have c) watch d) do
6.She doesn`t ____ lunch in a restaurant.
a) go b) start c) have d) finish


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