Составьте вопросы из данных слов и дайье на них ответ.example: you / watch/ tv/ recently? have you watched tv recently?- yes I have.
1) your nephews/ be/ at school/ today?
2) his parents/ take part/ in the project/ yet?
3) your /friends/ arrange/ the picnic/ yet?
4) her cousin/ give/ an interview/ recently?
5) businessman/ write/ the cheque/ just?


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1) have your nephews been at school today? - No, they haven't
2) have his parents taken part in the project yet? - yes, they have
3) have your friends arrangeg the picnic yet? - yes, they have
4) has her cousin recently given an interview ? - no, she hasn't
5) has the businessman just  written the cheque? - yes, he has
Have your nephews been at school today? - Yes, they have.
Have his parents taken part in project yet? - No, they haven't.
Have your friends arranged the picnic yet? - Yes, they have.
Has her cousin given an interview recently? - Yes, she has.
Has a businessman just written the cheque? - No, he hasn't.