1. Which is (long) day of the year. 2. Winter is (cold) season. 3. Moscow is (large) than St. Petersburg. 4. My friend’s car is not so
(new) as my car. 5. Where is it (beautiful), in the mountains or near the sea?
6. A tram is not so (quick) as a bus.

7. Apples are (cheap) than oranges. 8. In spring the days are (long)
than in winter.

9. It is (cold) today than it was yesterday. 10. The Russian grammar is (difficult)
than the English one.
Образуйте сравнительную и превосходную
степени следующих прилагательных:


Ответы и объяснения

1. The longest
2. The coldest
3. To larger than
4. Newer
5. Most beautiful
6. Quickest
6. Cheap
7. Longer
8. Longest