Восстановите прямую речь в предложениях.
1. She said she had already found her book.
2. My father told me that he was busy.
3. The pupil said he had not learnt the lesson.
4. All said that he was ill and felt unwell.
5. My sister told me that if she got that book she would give it me to read.
6. Mother asked me to stay at home as the weather was bad.
7. The man said he had never been to England.
8. Jane told us she would be working the whole day on Sunday.
9. The man said that there was not room for us.
10. His father asked him to put the papers on the table.
11. Barry said that he thought he had left his watch at home.
12. Jane said that she is going to go for a walk.
13. The teacher told the boy to leave the room immediately.
14. Derek told me he had got to entertain his cousins on Sunday evening.
15. She said she would bring me a glass of milk every night.


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1. "I have already found my book." - she said.
2. "I'm busy." - my father said.
3. "I haven’t learnt the lesson." - the pupil said.
4. "I am ill and I feel unwell." - All said.
5. "If I get this book I’ll give it you to read." - my sister told me.
6. "You should stay at home as the weather is bad." - mother asked me.
7. "I’ve never been to England" - said the man.
8."I’ll be working the whole day on Sunday" - Jane said.
9. "There is no room for you" - the man said.
10. "Put the papers on the table" - his father asked him.
11. "I thought I’ve left my watch at home" - Barry said.
12. "I’m going to go for a walk" - Jane said.
13. "Leave the room immediately!" - the teacher told the boy.
14. "I’ve got to entertain my cousins on Sunday evening." - Derek told me.
15. "I would like to bring you a glass iof milk every night" - she said.