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Rewrite the sentences in the passive

1)Someone fixed our television yesterday so it works fine now

2) People criticise the internet for being dangerous

3They broadcast the news of the war immediately

4)He told me there were going to be ten new cable channels by the end of the year

5) Thet sent the message by e-mail to save time

6) I thought they presented the programme very professionally.

7) The man advised my father to get a satellite dish instead of cable TV

8) The television company is going to cancel the new soap opera because it's not popular


Ответы и объяснения

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1)Our TV was fixed so it works now
2)The internet is being criticased by people for its dangerous
3)the news of the war is broadcasted by them
4)ten new capable channels are gone to be by the end of the year
5)the messages are sent by e-mail to save time
6)the programme was presented very professionally
7)my father was advised by the man  to get a satellite dish instead of cable TV.
8)the new soap opera is going to be cancelled by the new TV company because it's not popular