Помогите ответить на вопросы

Fill in do, does, have, has, can,are, is and answer the questions.Это задание. Книму есть вопросы. На них надо ответить.

you play the guitar
you got a pet
your parents work in the morning
your friends English
your teacher got long hair
your best hriend like football
your English teacher give you a lot of homework
there a zoo in your town
your hriends live near you


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Can you play the guitar? - No, I can't.
Have you got a pet? - Yes, I have.
Do your parents work in the morning? - Yes, they do.
Do your friends know English? - Yes, they do.
Has your teacher got long hair? - No, she hasn't.
Does your best friend like football? - Yes, he does.
Does your English teacher give you a lot of homework? - No, she doesn't.
Is there a zoo in your town? - Yes, there is.
Do your friends live near you? - Yes, they do.