Нужно написать письмо . My friend was very impressed by the moscow kremlin . He said that russian architecture is fascinating. I would like to go to Russia for my holidays too.
How do you usually spend your holidays ? What is the best season for travelling in Russia, why? What tourist attractions would you recommend seeing in your country.


Ответы и объяснения

Dear Rod,Thanks for your last letter, and sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier.I’m glad that your friend was impressed by Kremlin! Holidays in Russia is a great idea! And I’m pretty sure that the best season is winter, because Russian winters are very beautiful, but cold as well, so don’t forget to take the warmest closes with you! The main tourist centers are Moscow and St.Petersburg and I guess you should visit them both, to be impressed by Kremlin too and to visit the famous Hermitage. I would recommend you to go to some theater (doesn’t matter in which city) and watch some classical Russian ballet. I also like to spend my holidays travelling. Last winter vacations I was in Paris!Write back soon,Best wishes, Nadia