Complete the sentences. Remember that some verbs are used only in Present Simple, even if they mean "now, at the moment"
Example : What ___you____for your birthday? - What do you want for your birthday
1) What's the name of the square? - I _______not__________(know)
2) What do you think of this computer game - oh? i _______it. It's really catching. (like)
3 are you busy?-I_____________ some help (need)
4 He____________ cold and frosty weather(love)
5 My friend _______________ two nice puppies(have)


Ответы и объяснения

1.       I do not know
I like it. It’s really catching

I need some help

He loves cold and frosty weather

5.       My friend has two nice puppies

1) i do not know
2) i like it. It is really catching
3) i need some help
4) he loves cold and frosty weather
5)my friend has two nice puppies