Памогите!Срочно нужен проект по английскому языку!на тему "Мой любимый магазин"!!!!


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My favorite store-book. Make your choice with such an abundance of goods here is quite a mouthful!
Book shop - special world. Here you find yourself in Wonderland. The magical world of text, colorful glossy illustrations to them, the game of colors and combination of colors on the cover fascinating. And you find yourself in captivity her Majesty's Books.
- You need a tutorial? Which subjects? A detailed scientific or popular? For school, elementary, secondary, Lyceum, gymnasium or University? Book for mathematics? Please. This is for you?
And we wonder what professionals sellers in the bookstore.
You biology textbook? For the tenth grade? This is so-and-so the author, please.
Not whether you need problems in physics? This collection is composed of the tasks that used to be on the entrance exams at universities. This tutorial minimum, and this is for schools with profound study of the subject, accompanied by laboratory and переченьформул.
You need children's literature? For a child of any age? Oh, you need to «the snow Queen» ? Here are the most current edition with the lavish illustrations young
the artist, each illustration is a kind of art encyclopedia, supplementing the text of a fairy tale.
What got you interested in us? You can't find anything from what you were looking for? This is disappointing but not hopeless.
Fill in this application, and a week later come to make a purchase. No, the order is not necessary to pay additionally, we are glad to see the smile of a man satisfied with our work.
The bookstore go through the Museum: here are a variety of textbooks, behold the sea of postcards on the most different and unexpected cases, the mountains immense and incredible encyclopedias and reference books, behold, literature: classical, detectives and novels for women. Here it is so interesting embarrassment of riches of set of superb decorated editions. Here makes you internally rich information about new literature, training, scientific, artistic, of the most various branches of knowledge, and simply get pleasure from a meeting with a modern book. After all, this meeting is comparable only to that acquaintance with interesting people, each of them unique, original, and exceptionally attractive for its spiritual wealth, which would definitely like to continue the acquaintance.