помогите плз составить предложения из слов:1. Party, every week, have, we.
2. Every day, watch, we, TV.
3. Likes, he, books.
4. Once a week, have, they, English lessons.
5. The car, the police, stop.
6. Reads, a lot, she.
7. Have, we, dinner, usually at 2 o’clock.
8. They, foreign, languages, speak, three.
9. Now, is, she, in the office.
10. A secretary, she, is.


Ответы и объяснения

We have party every week
we watch TV every day
he likes books
they have English lessons once a week
the police stop the car
she reads a lot
we usually have dinner at 2 o cloock
They speak three foreign languages
she is in the office now
she is a secretary