Поставьте в прошедшее время: There is only one long street in a small town. The houses aren,t tall and the street isn,t wide. But the people aren,t happy in this town. There are no trees and flowers in the street. The little children haven,t got any place to play. They are sad and unhappy. Nobody can help them. In autumn Miss Chatter comes to visit the toun. She sees hte sad children in hte street. She wants to help them. She says, "Dear children! Let,s grow a nice green garden together! "Miss Chatter and the children dig the ground, put in the seeds, plant the trees and water the flowers. The weatner becomes cold and windy. But they continue to work. Spring comes and the children play in the garden every day. They like the green apple trees, the nice flowers and the merry birds. In spring the days are sunny and warm. Miss Chatter and the little children fly kites and play hide-and-seek. The people of the town like to have picnics in the garden. They say, "Thank you!" to Miss Chatter and the little children. Now all the people are happy in the town.
О-о-о-о-очень срочно надо.


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