Английский!!! помогите пожаоуйста, очень очень надо!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gobble-читать запоем книги. исправьте вместо swallow books

Ответы и объяснения

1 he has visited so many countries,he has had so many adventures
2 he learned the magic power of words
3 tiny is less than small
4 will you cope with this work?
5 the matter of the story was difficult and children didn't understand it
6 many children in our ckass read avidly(swallow books)
7Mary had a charming smile
8 an angry witch enchanted young prince/ but the charms disappeared whe princess kissed him
9jimmy gave his sister a chocolate sweet and she stuffed it into her mouth at once
10I(have) lost my record book somewhere/ my friends and I are looking for it everywhere
11 the building of Moscow university looks impressive
12 when nina said that pinguins lived in the north pole/ everybody in the class was sitting staring like a stuck pig
13 what an amazing child/ he reads a book a day. he just swallows books
14 what does this bottle contain?
15 the milk has been on the table since morning/ I think it has gone bad