Пожалуйста напишите эти предложения вPresent Perfect в отрицании и вопросе и некоторые предложения в Past simple
1)We Traveld around Europe last year .
2)I see Petry today.
3)My father knows so mush because he travel a lot .
4)She saw this film last Sunday.
5)Alex meat his friend two hours ago.
6)I have jast met our teacher .
7)The children have already decided what to do with the books.


Ответы и объяснения

1 Were we traveld around Europe last year?
We weren' t traveld around Europe last year.
2 Have I seen Petry today?
I haven't seen Petry today.
3 Has my father known so much because he travel a lot?
My father hasn't known so much because he travel a lot.
4 She hasn't seen this film last Sunday.
Has she seen this film last Sunday?
5 Alex hasn't met his friends 2 hours ago
Has Alex met his friends 2 hours ago?
6 I haven't just met our teacher
Have I just met our teacher?
7 The children haven't .......
Have children .........