скобки, используя нужную форму
прилагательного и употребляя необходимую
степень сравнения.

He worked (hard) and (hard) as the end of the term came nearer. 2.
The (tall) trees in the world grow in California. 3. Please be
(careful) next time and don't spill the milk again. 4. Bobby was a
(kind) child. He was (kind) than his sister. 5. Her eyes are (blue)
than mine. 6. He was the (fat) man in the village. 7 My sister is the
(tall) girl in her class. 8. Who is the (attentive) student in your
group? 9. It is autumn. Every day the air becomes (cold), the leaves
(yellow). 10. This is the (beautiful) view I have ever seen in my


Ответы и объяснения

1) harder, harder
2) tallest
3) more careful
4) kindest, kinder
5) bluerer
6) fattest
7) tallest
8) most attentive
9) colder, yellower
10) most beautiful