We live in a beautiful city. I love him very much and, of course , want him to be getting better and better. Every day our lives are changing, and the appearance of cities , especially such important and large as ours.

In the evening, the whole city is illuminated with numerous lanterns , and I think that in the futur
I like that it grows and ennobled becomes so beautiful and modern : the streets - roomier and cleaner sidewalks lined with colored tiles and drag them along the neat green lawns .
Valeriinka, с каких пор "city" это "him", а не "it"? o:
Это же топик
всем спасибки

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Live in the Future
I cannot say for sure whether the world will be a better or worse place in the future in reason I think one part of our live will change for the better, while another part will be worse. In the technology everything will be better. Many new machines have been invented. Those things will help people more efficiently.
On the one hand, you can finish almost every work by the "one touch"; you just hold a small remote, and it will order everything. For example, the car will drive to your house by itself according to your orders; the TV will choose the best program for you and tell you what the important news is for you today. We will have no traffic jams, because the cars will fly in the sky; you don't need to drive them, because everything is automatic.
On the other hand, when we get so many new things in our life, it will cause some problems in life. Maybe people will feel strange around other people, because we will hardly talk to one another. We have known all of the answers by modern machines. We use the Internet to connect everything. However, we need to consider that eye contact, face expression, and physical touch are very important to human beings.
At last, I want to say about fuel. Fuel is an important to use this product for technology. The most famous fuel is oil. Oil can be changed into gasoline and oil gas. Oil is used in most vehicles and for heating. However, the oil is said to be able to last only this century. Therefore, after we will harvest all the oil, we need to look for some new fuel instead of the oil in the future.