Доделайте предложения изображё нные на первой картинке,используя выражения изображё нные на второй картинке.

Задание описано именно так?
Как-то не могу определить, что из этого можно добавить к "Watching commercials for me is like".

Ответы и объяснения

a) I don't take advertising seriously!
On the one hand it help you choose best products.
But on the other hand amount of advertising is too big.
When I see the same advertising many times, I get tired.
Besides, in adverts there is untrue information.
What's more bad or good points in adverts, I cat't decide.

b) Advertisement are misleading!
They don't talk about product's defects.
More than that they don't give true information.
They also show life unrealistically.
In brief i think that there are only bad points in advertising.

c) The best thing on TV is the adverts. Watching commercials for me is like watching interesting television serial.
Commercials are and informative.
They are very funny.
Best of all I like when famous people endorse products.
Besides, adverts are full of humour and fantasy.