Помогите написать монолог о цивилизации Майя на английском


Ответы и объяснения

In the State of the Maya great success achieved mathematics and astronomy. Scientists have created remarkable for its precision solar calendar. They were able to predict the onset of solar eclipses, known periods of the planets and the Moon. In the cities of the Maya erected stone pillars - the stele on which hieroglyphics record important dates and events in the life of the state. Maya did not know metal tools. Their stone carvers worked - jade - incisors. Artfully were made of fabric, wood and ceramics with artistic painting.The Mayas were not livestock; land they farmed manually - using sharpened sticks. Therefore, even desyatisantimetrovymi layer of volcanic ash made ​​it impossible to land cultivation, and in fact fallen ash layer thickness at times exceed this mark.