Написать письмо вашему британской другу о своей семье и о путях вы проводите свое свободное время вместе
Плиз помогите 7 класссссссссссссс☺☺☺


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Dear Mary, 
Hello! How are you? Thank you for your letter!  I would like to tell you about my family and my free time. 
I live with my family. My family consist of my mother, my father and i. Also we have a dog.  we spend  our free time together. Every weelend we go to the country. I and my mother go to the shops. I go for a walk with my dog and friend every day. In our family there are certain traditions. Each members of our family have their duties, for exaple i must to wash the dishes, clean my room and go for a walk with my dog. 
Mary, i briefly talked you about my family.
I hope you and your family are good. Good luck!
Your Ulyana