Пожалуйста, сочините лёгкий рассказ, на английском, с герундиями, только не сильно большое. Пожалуйста!


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We must respect and love their parents . They are all that we have! In difficult times , they support us and empathize , in moments of joy , rejoice with us. They never remain indifferent to you, never stop loving you. And you? What can you repay them ? Of course love, warmth , and understanding the aid . There is a parable :
Pavlik came once to my mom and gave her a leaf , it was written "account ."
here boy listed all chores that he did and the amount of money that it should pay for it. For example : removed housework 10 lira gained 12-10 pounds , carried garbage - 5 lira ...... Mom took a leaf and wrote on the back: loved and rooted for you 0 - lire , gave birth to you and out - 0 lire , and much more.
Pavlik 's face tear rolled he took the bill and wrote paid.
Remember: always appreciate their parents, they have done for you much more than you can do for them you are!