Choose the right item.

1 They are .... drivers. They drive their cars .... (dangerously, dangerous)
2 He got up ... and left the room without saying a word. She gave us a .... look but did not say a word. (quickly quick)
3 Do you think his English is ..... ? Does he speak English .....? (fluent fluently)
4 His ... speech impressed me greatly. He didn't give us any details about the trip, he spoke very .... (brief briefly)
5 Walk across the road .... My father is a .... driver he has never had any problems.(careful carefully)
6 -I have a ... plan. Many years ago people called this place ....(differently different) и перевод если можно


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1) dangerous. Dangerously
2) quickly. Quick
3) fluent. Fluently
4) brief. Briefly
5) carefully. Careful
6) different. Differently