Mark: What happened here yesterday? Your brother John and your parents aren't talking to each other.
Emily: John wanted to go to the disco again.
Rob: What's wrong with that?
It's a long story. John is going to be fifteen this year and our
parents used to let him go to the disco with his friends. Everything was
OK until a month ago: John always came back on time and everybody was
happy. A month ago John went to the disco as usual and promised to be
home at ten o'clock. When he didn't come at ten, our parents expected
him to phone
and tell them what was going on, but he didn't phone. That night he
came home at midnight and our parents were very upset. After that night
they warned John not to do it again and our parents let him go back to
the disco. But then he was late again and once again he didn't phone. A
couple of days later John's teacher asked our parents to come to the
school. He told Mom and Dad that John had been getting a lot of bad
marks in the last few months. Our parents wanted John to explain
everything and asked him a lot of questions, but he refused to answer
them. Since then our parents haven't let him go out, and every Friday
when his friends go to the disco and have fun, he has to stay at home
and watch TV.
Rob: That's really not fair!
Misha: They make a fifteen-year-old stay at home! They don't have much respect for him!
Mark: I don't agree with you. John's parents trusted him and he let them down. It's his own fault. (НАЙТИ СЛОЖНЫЕ ДОПОЛНЕНИЯ)


Ответы и объяснения

To let him go to the disco, John went to the disco, expected 
him to phone, let him go back to 
the disco. our parents to come,  wanted John to explain