Ответы и объяснения

get-got, say-said, close-closed, see-saw, give-gave, come-came, have-had, be-was (were), run-ran, sing-sang, show-showed, open-opened, take-took, skate-skated, play-played, ski-skied, do-did, think-thought, buy-bought. 

1. wrote
2. drank, began
3. thought
5. stood, sat
6. swam
7. read, knew (хотя правильнее наверно было использовать глагол learn-узнавать)
8 drew

1 Last year we didn't go to the sea
   Did we go to the sea last year?
2 We didn't travel to Kiev by car
   Did we travel to Kiev by car?
3 We didn't see a lot of beautiful places
   Did we see a lot of beautiful places?
4 My elder brother didn't teach me to swim
   Did my elder brother  teach me to swim?
5 My friend didn't invite me to see his new flat 
   Did my friend  invite me to see his new flat?
6 We didn't have dinner at 2 o'clock
   Did we have dinner at 2 o'clock?
7. Peter didn't show me his collection of coins
    Dıd Peter  show me his collection of coins?
8 İ didn't like the film very much
   Did İ like the film very much?
9 Sam didn't come home early yesterday
   Did Sam  come home early yesterday?