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Извини, я не знаю как прикрепить фото на планшете, поэтому напишу только 2 номер... (Если знаешь как прикреплять фото напиши в комментарии).
1)is reading
2)is doing
3)is sitting
4)an writing
5)are playing
6)is showing
7)are having
8)is raining
9)are talking
10)is drawing
He is reading a book now
she is doing her homework
my mother is sitting at the table now
I am still writting a letter
they are plaing football now
we are having dinner now
why are you talking?
the girl is drawing a picture ...
2) shine
3) is waiting for
4) wait for
5) have
6) am having
7) play
8)  is plaing
9) play
10) are plaing
11)don,t make        is making
12) make
13) ia making
14) ???????
15)am making
16) make
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