Помогите поставить глаголы в правильном времени)Пожалуйста!!!!
1.when th boy(to get) to the village,it(to get) dark and the wind(to blow).
2.when the boys(to meet)at last they he (to discover) that they (to lose) their interest in the collecting of stemps.
3. By the 2_nd of october last year he (to study) English for a years.
4.several weeks ago my uncle (to built) a new house.
5.i (to sit) at the table and (to write) when be (to come).
6.You (to have) lessons every day last week?
7.He (to rest) in his room when his mother(to come).
8.After the boys(to travel) in the Caucasus they (to decide) to make a sea voyage.
9.Among the familiar names i discovered the name which (to fill) my mind for several days.
10.when we(to enter) the room Boris (to sit) at the table he (to work) at his report since early in the morning.
11.he slowly(to move) on when he (to meet) his friend.
12.Yesterdaythe teacher (to tell) us a short story.
13.when our parents(to go) to the theatre we (to play) computer games.
14.Yesterday at 2 we(to help) our grandparents.
15. By the end of the month they (to finish) all their work.
16.They (to wait) for their friend for 2 hours before he (to arrive).


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