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I want to tell you about our fantastic expedition. The expedition was incredible. You will not believe what we saw a week ago.  Two weeks ago, Professor Kleiner informed us about A portal to another world. He also informed us that there will be organized an expedition to another world in which another professor Mr. Freeman and I will take part. "BUT there is a caveat" - said Professor Kleiner - "THE portal to another world can only BE openED for three hours, because we DO NOT have enough energy for a longer period of time." A week ago we were ready to go. Early in the morning we arrived TO room SCP-082. A few minutes later a/the generator started its operation. (не понятно, что за генератор. От этого зависит выбор артикля)  After a few minutes we saw a strange green object. Professor asked us to go UP to IT. We approached and… AT THAT Moment ... we were on a small ISLET, which HOVERED at a height of 5 meters above the ground. THERE was a rainfores UNDER US. We heard a strange noise. We decided to jump off the island. IT WAS strange that our feet did not hurt after jumping DOWN. When we looked around, we saw three STRANGE little creatureS. They were the size of a human head. THEY Had  two small FRONT paws and two long hind paws. They were drinking something like water. Suddenly, two medium-sized creatures up to them TO THEM and gobbled the CREATURES.  They WERE STANDING on two three-toed hind paws. They had long tailS and elongated snout in front. They heard A rustle PRODUCED BY US when we tried to hide and THEN THEY INSTANTLY ran to us. Luckily, we WERE FAST ENOUGH to shoot THE pistols that we had ON US. I WAS TAKING photos of everything that WAS HAPPENING. We went on. We saw a lot of trees, which are not TO BE MET on our planet Earth. They had a height of 7 to 10 meters. Then we felt a the ground TRMBLE. AT A DISTANCE We saw SOME monster-soldiers COMING TOWARDS to us. IN FEAR We hid and waited until they disappearED. TWO unidentified objects lookING like stingrays FLEW PAST US IN THE SKY AND landed on a glade. THESE VEHICLES took the soldiers and flew away. Luckily I had time to take photos of everything I saw. EVERYTHING was quiet. THERE WERE No monsters. Suddenly we found ourselves BACK in the laboratory. Professor Kleiner CAME UP TO US and asked what we HAD SEEN. I gave him a bag with photos. He looked AT US and SUDDENLY hugged us. He was very happy with the pictures which we HAD brought from another world. He thanked us and gave a TWO-week vacation. 
MAY not believe it. You MAY say that my photographs ARE fakeD. But I WILL still INSIST that the story about another world IS TRUE.

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