Use there is/ there are:
Eg: This family hasb two children.- There are two children in this family.
1.This family has two children. 2. A beautiful picture is on the wall. 3. the cat is in the room. 4.The children are in the garden. 5.The students are in laboratory. 6.The is bus near the house. 7.The apple is under the tree. 8. A lot of pupils are the hall. 9.She has a lot of English books at home. 10 Every week has 7 days every year has 12 months.


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2. There is a beautiful picture on the wall.
3. There is a cat in the room.
4.There are children in the garden.
5. There are students in the laboratory.
6. There is a bus near the house.
7. There is an apple under the tree.
8. There are many pupils in the hall.
9. There are a lot of English books at her place.
10 There are 7 days in every week and 12 months in every year.