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He gave up his playing tennis because of employment.
She is going to give up smoking.
The girl has given up studying German and now she regrets about it.
Last summer I got a letter from my friend but I haven't still replyed to it.
My girlfriend gets along with my parents, it makes me happy.
My mother cannot get rid of her old clothes and I try to make her do it.
My husband used to get up at 7 o'clock, but now he gets up lately.
I guess I must get ready to my exams.
have to give up smoking to stop astma attacks!
I gave up studying German because it seemed too hard to me!
I have got a postcard from my penfriend on my birthday!
You better get ready in 10 minutes or we will be late for the party!
I don't get along with my parents because we don't have anything in common with them!
She has such a mess in her room,i guess she must at least get rid of some old clothes!
1 Nowadays a lot of people have given up smoking
2 Ann couldn't give up her job as her famile neded money so much.
3 I had to give up the idea of studing German.
4 Today I got a letter and a postcard from my close friend
5 I am always getting on well with my parents
6Every morning at 7"o"clock the alarm goes off , but I can't get up!
7 It's a good idea to get rid of some old clothes on New Year's Eve