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We talk to various people from different countries about their attitudes about TV. Does TV educate or stimulate? Or it is a drug or tranquilizer used to control the population? There are different points of view, e.g. “TV has been the greatest instrument of social democracy in Western European socialites”, - said Mr. Smith from British film institute. Some people disagree, 90 % of TV programmes in some countries are foreign. And some people think and feel that TV has disrupted local culture and social ties. Why do developing countries introduce TV? Perhaps government do it for prestige, to show that they have introduced new technology into their societies. Another possible reason is that political leaders want their people to see them on TV.TV is a very expensive medium and many countries don’t have the technology and the money to make their own television programmes. The result is that most countries are dependent on TV of Britain and America. It is easier and cheaper to buy foreign products mainly soap operas. So, a lot of people feel that TV is a danger to local cultures in some countries.How do people usually answer the question: “What are you going to do tonight?” or “What are you going to do at the weekend?” In other words how do people spend their free time.Some 20 or 30 years ago the usual answers used to be “We are going to the theatre” or “We are going to the party” or “We are having some friends round”. Now you are very often hear “We are going to stay at home and watch the television”.A first-rate colour TV set has become an ordinary thing in the household today and a video cassette recorder is quickly becoming one. Modern TV offers viewers several programmes on different channels. In addition to regular newscasts you see plays and films, operas and ballets and watch all kinds of contests, quizzes and sporting events. You can also get a lot of useful information of the educational channels. A good serial can keep the whole family infront of the TV for days, and don’t we spend hours and hours watching our favorite football and hockey term in an important international event.In the conclusion we may say, TV most definitely plays a very important part in people’s life, but is this a good thing or a bad one? Don’t we go out less often, then we used to? Don’t we read less?
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Топик по английскому языку "СМИ"- поможет вам выразить своё мнение, касающиеся средств массовой информации, на английском языке.Mass media: pros and consMass media consists of printed production, television, radio and Internet. One can choosefrom a great variety of these sources. Mass media provides us with necessary information on thingsand events happening worldwide 24 hours a day. And it also helps us to spend our leisure time.Its history begins with the first printed Chinese newspaper in 868 A.D. Europe saw its first book in 1453 when Johannes Guttenberg invented the printed press.The influence of mass media is doubtless, but is it positive or negative? There are benefits aswell as some drawbacks in this issue.The very first benefit is information. Nowadays the information can be useful for people. It is very important for everyone because there are lots of things happening every minute in theworld which can affect our professional and private life.And it makes news accessible: just turn on the TV or look through news sites and you will be kept currently informed. Another useful purposeis education. Many people gain knowledge from the Internet and TV programs. It is an easy and affordable way to cultivate intelligence.And what about drawbacks? As people use to say “Too much of a good thing is good for nothing”. This suits to the mass media. One shouldn`t rely oneverything the newspapers say. Misrepresentations and bare- faced lie easily take placeand misinform millions of people. Mass media can also manipulate the minds of the audiences as it was done in the times of theSoviet Union.Today we witness the influence of various sources of mass media on youth. Tons of meaning lessTV- shows, glossy magazines and social networks steal young people`s time that could be spent on beneficial and healthy activities. They lose their own opinion and have nothing to sayexcept the ideas heard from others.To my mind we can’t imagine our lives without mass media. It is silly to avoid it as  we can use its advantages.Though we should be careful and filter all infзormation we get. I do my best to stay informed about the latest events and I’m fond of searching in the Internet.But I don’t forget that mass media is only a part of my life and not the essential one.