Write the synonyms of given words. In brackets you have the number of letters that your answer must contain.very
small – (4)
very tasty – (9)
very angry – (7)
very hot – (7)
very hungry – (8)


Ответы и объяснения

Very tasty-delicious
Very angry-furious
Very hot-blistering
Very hungry-starving
Small - tiny, little,scale, diminutive

very tasty - delicious, delicate, yummy, appetizing,dainty, satisfying,fruity, overeating, dainty.
very angry - hungerer, insatiate, avid, starving, hungry, famished, peckish.
very hot - warm, thermal, burning, boiled, fervent, baking, ardent.
very hungry - unfed, sateless, я так поняла, что сюда относятся все те слова, которые к very angry.