Восстановите прямую речь в следующих предложениях:

1.Mary wondered if Jane would be busy the next day.

2.John asked Mary if she was afraid of thunderstorm.
3.He asked her if she had ever walked in rainy weather.
4.Mary told John that she preferred sunny days.
5.The woman asked her son if he was in a hurry.
6.Ann asked if they would go to the country the next day.
7.Kate asked her friend what she liked to do on her days off.
8.I asked the secretary if I might speak to the headmistress.
9.Nick wanted to know if Helen would give him her book.
10.He told me he had bought a ticket the day before.

что именно делать?
восстановить прямую речь из косвенной
Mary wondered "Jane you must be busy tomorrow" так чтоли?

Ответы и объяснения

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Mary asked 'Will you be busy tomorrow,Jane?
2.John asked 'Mary,are you  afraid of thunderstorm?
3.He asked her 'Have you ever walked in rainy weather?
4.Mary said" John, I prefer sunny days.
5.The woman asked her son 'Are you in a hurry?'
6.Ann asked them"Will go to the country tomorrow?'
7.Kate asked her friend "What do you like to do on your days off?'
8.I asked the secretary "Mai I speak to the headmistress?".
9.Nick asked" Helen ,will you give me your book?"
10.He told me" I bought a ticket yesterday.